Heritage Management Group



Thank you for considering our community for your future home! The following guidelines ensure that everyone receives the same consideration in determining eligibility. To be approved, every potential adult resident (Applicant) must meet the following criteria:





We belong to the California Apartment Association, an organization dedicated to the ethical and professional management of rental housing. As such, we follow a Code for Equal Housing Opportunity. We comply with all Federal, State, and local Fair Housing laws.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sec, national origin, familial status, disability, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or any other protected class. 



Each person 18 years of age or older, or emancipated minor, is required to complete a separate rental application. Each application must be completely filled out and signed in order to be processed. Applicant understands and agrees that an investigative report including rental history, credit history, employment history, eviction search, and criminal background check may be completed as part of the application process. All information will be verified and falsified information shall result in rejection, or eviction if Applicant should become a tenant. 



Each application must be submitted with an application fee. The non-refundable application fee is $30.00 per application. A paid application does not guarantee an apartment/home. A signed holding deposit agreement and payment of a holding deposit must be received in order to take an apartment/home off the market. The holding deposit amount for an apartment is $499.00. Holding deposit amounts for a rental home is equal to one month's rent. Please review the holding deposit agreement for more information. After executing the agreement and payment of the holding deposit has been received, applicant understands that if completed applications from all parties are not received within 72 hours it will be void the holding deposit agreement. If Applicant is accepted as a tenant, they shall pay Company a security deposit of no more than 2 times the rent. All payments at move-in must be in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We never accept cash.



Completed applications with the appropriate fees will be processed and considered in the order of their receipt. Legible copies of the following items MUST be included with each application:

1.      Government-issued photo ID (such as Driver’s license, State ID, Passport, Military ID, foreign government ID).

2.      Two (2) most recent consecutive paycheck stubs, Earning Statement, or a signed offer of employment on company letterhead stating projected income and employment start date within 14 days of the lease start date. 

3.       If self-employed, copy of most recent year’s federal tax return.

4.       Documentation to substantiate other income, such as alimony, child support, or financial aid if you want it considered.

5.       Applicant(s) gross annual income must meet or exceed three (3) times the annual rental rate. 



6.       Applicant must have a minimum of one-year verifiable rental history with no more than one (1) documented complaint from current or previous landlord(s).

7.       Evictions may result in automatic denial.

8.       Outstanding balances due or collections by former landlords will result in automatic denial, unless satisfied.



9.       Applicant must have one year of established favorable credit history.

10.    Any bankruptcy must be discharged and Applicant must have reestablished positive credit for one year.

11.    No collections by landlords, utility providers, or returned checks, unless satisfied.

12.    No Tax Liens or judgments, unless satisfied



13.    If a Notice of Address Discrepancy is reported on the consumer credit report, additional information may be required to verify the address.  Additional information may include a current utility bill, mortgage statement, bank statement, or paycheck stub in the Applicant’s name reflecting the current address.

14.    If the consumer credit report reflects a discrepancy with the Social Security Number provided, verification of the Social Security card may be required by providing the original card.



An applicant may be denied (or a lease shall be terminated) if they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for a crime against a person, another person’s property, or against society, or appears on the list of known terrorists or wanted fugitives.  This does not constitute a guarantee or representation that occupants have not been convicted of or committed such offenses. 



15.    A Guarantor’s gross annual income or savings must meet or exceed four (4) times the annual rental rate to establish that Guarantor can support their current housing payment and that of the Applicant(s).

16.    Guarantor guarantees the entire rental payment and all financial obligations of all occupants.

17.    The Guarantor must also meet all qualification standards listed, excluding Criminal Background.

18.    A Guarantor that resides anywhere other than the United States will not be accepted.

19.    All paperwork signed by the Guarantor must be notarized if not signed in the presence of a Company employee or received as an e-signature via Guarantor’s email address. 



The maximum number of people that may occupy a rental unit is determined by the number of bedrooms as follows:

                1 bedroom = 3 occupants;                 2 bedrooms = 5 occupants;               3 bedrooms = 7 occupants



20.    Each individual Tenant and Guarantor is jointly and severally responsible for the entire rental payment or financial obligation, as well as following all community policies and rules.

21.    The security deposit will not be refunded in part, or in full, until the apartment is vacated of everyone and everything.



22.    The Company does not insure others’ personal property. 

23.    It is strongly recommended that the tenant obtain, and maintain renter’s insurance.



24.    A maximum of two (2) pets are allowed (breed and weight restrictions apply) only after all requirements have been met, including written permission from management, and payment in full of an additional deposit. Assistive animals for persons with disabilities are not considered pets. If you fall in this category, please speak with management for further instructions. 

25.    The presence of an unauthorized pet will be cause for termination of the tenants’ residency.



26.    We have a No Smoking policy, which means there shall be no smoking inside any building, in any common area or within 10-feet of any exterior building(s) on the Premises.



I have read and understand the listed qualifications for renting from Heritage Management Group.